T is for Topi

Openness. Badges. Digital Portfolios. Personal learning spaces. Learning Analytics.

Can anyone blend these features together, offering educators and learners and space where they can collaborate, where their privacy is respected, where a digital narrative of learning is really useful for students?

Just before leaving for Singapore where Slush will be taking place next week, Topi Litmanen tells us more about ClanEd – what it is, how it can be used by educators and what is coming soon to this transformative elearning tool.

Thank you Topi for your time and inspiring change from Helsinki!

Twitter  – Claned


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G is for Giuseppe

“… CircleMe is something different (…) … experience the web in a different way”

“… the willingnes of the/a passion… (…) without passion, you couldn’t do it anyway”

“… it’s strange to talk about our world not being social – our world is social to begin with.”

“… theoretical knowledge doesn’t work (…) we cannot estimate chaos, we cannot predict chaos. ”

Thank you Giu for your time, and  for sharing passions and energy in your participation!

You can contact/follow Giu @giudantonio