A is for Angela

Warm, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate.

The joy and creative force of life according to Angela (aka Blogbrevity)

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Passionate Creativity for Innovation

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Do you look or do you see? Is there beauty between the twigs, leaves and drops of dew? Or a smell of dreams still to come?

Sometimes I am considered to be absent minded, scatty, living in a rainbow bubble. It’s an opinion. Opinions are many, opinions are freely available and far too often, imposed on one when one has no need for them. Having read and re-read Lewis Carroll throughout my life, I still rejoice in his words: “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

And why ever not? What is life if there is no dreaming, no believing in the impossible?

Let me entice you a step further with another question: what if ideas are not shared, not communicated to another? How many impossible dreams would then come alive? In the words of G.Bernard Shaw, “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apples. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas. “

For ideas and creativity to take roots, they need to be tossed to the wind, finding echoes and others who also dream, who also listen and see. Creativity needs connections to bloom and dance. For anyone who reads what is regularly required  for today,  the concept of “creativity” in every field is desired, urgently needed, filling endless columns of space, whether analogue or digital. However, being creative, indulging in creativity and innovation is risky. There are pitfalls. There are unexpected twists and turns. How creatively does one deal with them?

Creativity. Innovation. A constant cry across the universe, begging for innovative solutions and ideas.

Can creativity be a leadership trait as well? Do leaders need to be creative and innovative?

My next guest is no stranger to creativity nor innovation. Angela Dunn nourishes the challenges and passions of what it is to be creative. Angela fosters creative connections, spreading ideas, planting mind dances in a community of thinkers.

Angela Dunn is a content strategist, futurist, executive coach, and the founder of ideachat–a global salon on Twitter for ideas and creativity.  At the forefront of the curation movement, Angela is currently writing a book entitled “Curation Zen: The Key to Hidden Influence and Thought Leadership for the 21st Century“.

 She believes in the power of curation for creating content and the spread of ideas. “Curators are masters of discernment, and connecting people and patterns. Following their work is key to strategic insights. Distilling the best ideas and adding your point of view leads to thought leadership,” she says. Angela believes the talented content curators are weaving hidden influence in the new social world.

Join me here as Angela discloses and shares her personal reflections on change, creativity and innovation.

Will you be challenged? Intrigued? Or inspired?

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G is for Giuseppe

“… CircleMe is something different (…) … experience the web in a different way”

“… the willingnes of the/a passion… (…) without passion, you couldn’t do it anyway”

“… it’s strange to talk about our world not being social – our world is social to begin with.”

“… theoretical knowledge doesn’t work (…) we cannot estimate chaos, we cannot predict chaos. ”

Thank you Giu for your time, and  for sharing passions and energy in your participation!

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Passion of Movement

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

Windows of light, skies ablaze, wind entwining my hair. Movement never ends. Home is where the heart is, home is where the wind feeds my imagination –  gales of passion, breezes of serenity, fields of curiosity. Roads may merge, roads may differ.


There is one constant in all my roads. Growth in the unfolding of knowing, passion of life and movement with every moment of travel, questioning as an essence in life.

My next guest is someone who vibrates life  in passionate songlines of travel, social media and the arts. Exploring roads, exploring the endless windows of digital media, his energy overflows with creativity, practicalities and visions of the future.

Giuseppe D’Antonio is the Chief Executive Officer at CASCAAD and Board member for BEINTOO. Currently Giuseppe manages the company CASCAAD, which has launched on the market a new online service, CircleMe. CircleMe is a next-generation social network, where people can connect to their passions in life, in order to live them more fully in real life.

Prior to being a part of CASCAAD, Giuseppe was the Director of the Online Advertising Division for DADA SpA (a web company trading on the Italian Stock Exchange) and was previously a Partnership Manager for Google (Europe).

With a degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and an MBA from INSEAD, Giuseppe’s career growth is defined by twelve years of operations and business development in the software and technology industries, working for successful startups during their fast-growth phases. With a sincere interest in academia and education, Giuseppe collaborates with some local universities and gives lectures on innovation, entrepreneurship and communication.

Adding to his extraordinary passion of life, Giuseppe is an amatorial theatre actor and enjoys sailing, dancing and playing the piano. Thanks to his career opportunities, he has lived for 13 years abroad, living in the USA, France, Switzerland, UK and Singapore.

Join me here as Giuseppe unfolds his insights in tech start-ups, explains how CircleMe is an innovative change in the digital market, what it takes to travel the road of social media  – and more.

You can find out more on Cascaad and CircleMe here and here.

How do  you unfold your songlines in life?

Living on the edge

I look outwards and the edge beckons me. The edge seduces me. To places of no return.

Glancing over ridges I hesitate, I stumble and rise again. But time waits for no one – or so they say. I look forward and the edge awaits me. That moment of faith when I must leap forward, outwards into the  edge, faithless. Eyes wide open; with the edge blinding me. Binding me to futures where there are no maps, no certainties.

My next guest has lived on the edge and knows it well. My next guest leaps with eyes wide open, embracing the sharp,  jagged edge and with her energy, spreading change in all directions. Her knowledge and understanding softens edges for others too to take that leap forward into change. Change is not a threat for her. Change is a way of life. Each day is a breathe of change on the edge.

Ann Foreman is a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, social app developer and Information Communication and Technology Coordinator based at the British Council centre, Bilbao, Spain. The issues that fire her most are finding the best ways of using new technology in education and coming to terms with the changing the needs and aspirations of learners in today’s digital world.

She belongs to the British Council’s Global English team, which gives her the opportunity to investigate the role of social media in language teaching and to make regular contributions to its Teaching English Facebook page and to #TeachingEnglish Twitter. She has developed 2 social media apps: one for teachers, What kind of Teacher are you? and one for learners, Pic-your-wits

Join me here as Ann discusses how teacher initiatives turn into student initiatives,  her thoughts of social media in the world of education and more.