Northern Lights, Northern Change

Gazing across the sea, the smell of pines, birches and maples keep me company. A world of berries, mushrooms and  flowers all mix in the rich soil of this coast line. Unlike other oceans, other seas, the forest never leaves me, the scent of wild open oceans does not engulf me.

Summer light is indeed endless, stretching dark nights into bright days,  nature’s game of morphing, blending  hues of gold, saffron, and blues, all into a promise of a summer playground which goes on forever.

I know well that this is not so.

I know well.

So I turn my attention elsewhere. No need to think of the change of seasons yet.

Change and changes.

A lifetime of changing habits and habitats. A lifetime seeking meaning through change. helsinki-big-wheelLike ferry wheels, change may be light, lightness, uplifting, inspiring.

Fragil, at moments; a fleeting gift of a bird’s eye across one’s world; ever turning with momentary dips and rises,  the promise of yet another round of changing perspective remains constant.

Through all changes, it is that which I seek – the inspirational within  the narrative of change.

From Helsinki, I turn to ClanEd,  intrigued by this Northern provocation of change.

Will ClanEd inspire transformational learning? Will ClanEd foster collaboration among learners? Is this a possible tool I have been waiting for, a tool which offers me more than the regular choices of a LMS? Will there be elements of openness? What changes may I find in this Northern elearning tool?


My next guest is the Chief Education Scientist of ClanEd, who will be answering these questions and more.

Topi Litmanen holds a PhD in Education from the University of Helsinki, has extensive experience as an educator and as a pedagogical advisor within elearning contexts.

A keen cyclist, a participant in marathons and occasional triathlons, Topi’s passion remains within the development of changing the e-scape of learning by providing support to teachers and clients of ClandEd, while ensuring that ClanEd continues changing into the most collaborative, user-friendly and innovative tool for educators.

Join me here, as Topi unravels the changes that ClanEd is bringing into the world of education.

Northern lights, Northern changes.

Let the North unfold.



A is for Angela

Warm, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate.

The joy and creative force of life according to Angela (aka Blogbrevity)

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You can contact/follow Angela Dunn here

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S is for Stephen

From research infrastructures ,reflections on the changes in the nature of research practices, to the significance of open access and how Connectivism occurs in classrooms, Stephen Downes explains all  – and more – with clarity, enthusiasm and joyous energy.

Thank you Stephen for your time, participation – and inspirational explanations!

Connecting Snowflakes

The golden morning light poured warmly into the room. He watched her quietly as she moved,  shifting and sorting the  rhythm of the day about to unravel. Beginnings were always important to her. Each new dawn, a new revival of hope, of expectation, a welcoming of wonders on the verge.

“Did you sleep well?”, he asked. She smiled. Dreams too belonged in the sunshine as much as to the stars at night.

“You know…..each dream is as unique as a snowflake. Did you know that?”, continued the soft voice.

And so she turned away from the window and morning routine of preparation, replying with a smile.

“You are my snowflake.”

 Their eyes connected with shared understanding.

Connections. That is what one does in life – connect with others, with nature, with one’s surroundings. Even if one chooses to reject an environment,  an individual, a fact –  a theory even- there has to be the initial acknowledgement, some degree of perception and understanding, then the realization there is in fact no will  of connection, no desire to connect, no purpose in connecting.

Connections. Because the synergies of life connect.

Naturally. Digitally. Collectively.

 Now imagine the synergy of snowflake whirls, flying flocks of unique, collective knowledge – all explained in ways that one can make sense of.

My next guest needs no long introduction. He is a master in connecting, an expert with words, a specialist in collective connections.

Stephen Downes is a Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada and is well known for being a strong supporter of Free Learning. Among the many publications, presentations and activities that Stephen contributes to and is involved in, his  OLDailyStephen’s Web, and Half an Hour are widely read and referred to.

Here you can find further references of his work – but please note, these are merely a very small reflection of Stephen’s contributions towards educational and social studies.

Currently running the MOOC #change11 (Change: Education, Learning and Technology) with George Siemens and Dave Cormier, Stephen is widely associated with Connectivism and change in all its shades and variations.

Join me here as Stephen discusses change in the research process, what scientific value there may be in open access,  how Connectivism is relevant to educators of all levels  – and more.

What flocks of snowflakes will Stephen release to the open?