Stories are Meant to be Told

Mind Mirrors started off as a small project, giving voice to agents of change, regardless of field or study. With professional commitments stretching me out, this space has been through a silence phase. However, it is Spring and so another entry is coming to open up reflections and possible discussions.

As an educator, I have worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Packing, unpacking, adapting, re-adapting is an essential part of my life. Over the years, I have met many other professionals, who like me, whether growing up in different environments or working in foreign countries, have shared many of their wonderful stories with me.

My next visitor is an example of how one learns, adapts, re-adapts to changes – both in landscapes and educational management. With a vision to share and stories to tell, Mark Curcher is an exceptional case of talent, inspiration and vision.

Currently, Mark is the Director for 21st Century Educators – A Passion for Learning , an educational program offered by TAMK, in Finland.

As an educator and educational leader, Mark also has much to share as someone who has travelled the world in pursuit of the best practices for educational change.

Let me offer you a taster:

What if by Mark Curcher

From lands of sand and sun, Mark now lives in a land of trees and never ending Summer days. Join us here as we find out more about what it takes to be a successful expat, global educator and educational innovator.

Because, after all, stories are meant to be told.

THE STAVES WINTER TREES from Karni and Saul on Vimeo.




Changes for Better and Worse

When I began this selection of talks, I had hoped to include an interview every week. However, that later turned into a shadow of a wish, for time is limited and professional demands escape the limitations of 24 hours, for both myself and interviewees. Life happens.

At times there also have been technical glitches, hence participants and myself have had no choice but to postpone a conversation in order to offer a better quality to readers and listeners of Mind Mirrors.  Nevertheless, Mind Mirrors will soon be presenting some of the most dynamic and provocative change players to share their reflections and minds.

Since  Mind Mirrors began, there also have been many changes in the online world. As many other social changes, some have been for the better, while others are definitely for the worse. Being an optimist by nature, I would like to share this infographic with you, hoping that its reflections may soon change again but for the better.

Enemies Of The Internet

There have been other changes as well – changes which affect us all.

Join me here as issues regarding changes in Social Media, Teacher Training and Second Life, among others, will be discussed.

Mind Mirrors

Minds, mirrors and reflections. All come together in weaving digital strands when crossing borders, melting boundaries, connecting minds; so it is only appropriate that this blog will hopefully reflect the inspirational, eclectic and sometimes electrifying consequences which vivid minds can initiate.  Join me here in the unravelling of minds which inspire us  to go further in our quest for knowledge and understandings.

Mirrors are not for looking at. Mirrors are for looking into.

What is your reflection like?