Because Glitches do Happen

George and I connected online; George had just rushed back from a meeting in the middle of his day, while I got up in the middle of the night.

Despite our attempt to connect and share ideas across time zones, technology let me down.

Glitches happen.

George’s inspirational thoughts and practices will be posted in the coming days.


G is for Glitches

There are glitches which leave silence, glitches which trigger upheaval, glitches which need unravelling.

Life has these things. Life has glitches.

This is a temporary entry due to a glitch. Not all interviews occur when they should as participants too have their unforeseen glitches. The unexpected happens.

Sometimes the unexpected is welcomed with open arms; sometimes, the anticipated glitch is met with quiet understanding.

Life is full of flukes, glitches, change of direction and intentions.

Life is.

And in the midst of life there is loss. That too is life and living.

This is my moment of quiet for a recent loss.  This is a moment of thanks to  someone who helped change some of my directions in life.