Sunset, Sunrise

Sunset, sunrise. Seasons of change, seasons of growth, seasons of discord.

Liquid light running in my veins. With each season, a new discovery, a new sense of knowing. Should there be discord in change, there is the coming sunrise which will lighten arguments and provide clarity. Each season brings its wealth, its distribution of change and knowledge.

I grew up with the National Geographic (note: the image above is courtesy of The National Geographic). Before I could read, already I was being read the changes  and differences in the world, revealed through publications of  The National Geographic. Change has always run wild, loose, willfully  in my veins.

My professional learning too has developed through seasons. Yet there has been a constant mentor to me, like to so many others around the world. His work is full of generosity, inspiration and dignified calm. He writes, develops materials and websites, thinks and motivates educators to go beyond the current season, and to adapt to a world of changes,  unafraid and with calm.

My next guest is Nik Peachey.

Nik Peachey is  a freelance teacher trainer and consultant doing a wide range of tasks from designing online teacher training courses, research and design for new digital teaching products, exploring new ways of delivering teacher training, instructional design of web based and mobile learning products and writing materials to enable teachers to make best use of available technologies.

He has worked with a diverse range of both big and small companies that include the British Council, the Open University, Cambridge ESOL, The Consultants-E, IATEFL, International House and Study Group.

He also works as an associate trainer for Bell Educational Trust and am a visiting lecturer on the University of Westminster MA TESOL course.

 He has been working in ELT since 1992 first as a teacher and then as a teacher trainer, ICT trainer and ELT writer and then as a project manager for the BBC | British Council’s Teaching English website.

Join me here as Nik discusses his  views on flipped classrooms, ownership and other seasonal changes in the world of education.


R is for Russell


Thank you Russell for your time and contribution!


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