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From the back of the classroom to up by the chalkboard and desktop, I’ve been involved in education and professional training for most of my life. I’ve taught and trained in Europe, the Middle East, UK, Japan and am currently back in the Middle East.

Some people slip slide into education, others make their mark more determinedly. As a child, I never planned to become an educator; there were other horizons and challenges to explore. I began teaching while I was still taking my first degree and it was then that the joys and tribulations of education hooked me in. Although I have also worked as a translator and at times as an interpreter, classrooms have always been special places for me. Each classroom has its own culture, its own identity. An image which has echoed my perception of classrooms was by Breen (1986)  who compared the complexities of classroom culture to coral reefs, places which are alive with myriad life forms.

Whether a chessboard, a learning festival or coral reef with changing tides, classrooms are never dull.

Mind Mirrors is a place to reflect on classrooms and the changes which affect them. It will also reflect the social changes which touch us all in different ways.

Popper once remarked that “scientific thought and especially thought on social and political matters, does not proceed in a vacuum, but in a socially conditioned atmosphere” (1982)

With our social atmosphere’s current pace of change, how does our knowledge today transfer and reflect in every day practices? Thank you for visiting and joining  me in this attempt to understand reflections of change.


6 comments on “About

  1. I know Ana for quite some time, and teaching must occupy quite a big area in her brain as she not only keeps thinking about teaching but also tries to find new methodologies and techniques for teaching english. In fact I would love to have a look at one of her Mind Mirrors plans and perhaps even put some of them over here. All the best. Jorge

  2. Hi Jorge, Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment; yes, teaching & learning do occupy a great deal of my time. I hope the day will come when I may introduce some ideas over there 🙂

  3. Hi Cristina, One more time you have impresed us.What is next!

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thank you for visiting and your positive feedback! I think that it is participants who generously give me their time and share their thoughts that are truly impressive 🙂

  4. anzbau says:

    Hi Cristina – why didn’t say anything about this fabulous space? I can see that you’ve set yourself high standards and a blog is indeed you medium – I love your poetic prose and the accompanying imagery not to mention all the professional insights. Will be following it closely 🙂 Good luck!


    • Hi Ania,

      Thank you for taking time to visit and offering such supportive and positive feedback; most of all I have participants to thank and hope that their insights and experiences will inspire others, bringing more confidence and a brighter approach to deal with journeys of change.

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