Memoirs of a SmartBoarding Man

I look at my world of 2011 and wonder. On the brink of changing a page on the calendar, I quietly reflect on the past twelve months. An odyssey of changes. Where would I begin to make sense of these changes without disregarding one particular event, person or moment in time?

Hence my choice to refer to a brief sequence of events. I am currently studying for a post-graduate degree within the field education.  In a recent blog posting in Dreaming Weaving Learning,   I received an interesting and pertinent comment related to the use of Interactive White Boards in the classroom. This in turn made me consider  my own limited use of IWBs in my daily practices. Curious to know more about the changes that IWBs really bring in practice, I then asked others for their opinions and experiences with IWBs.

David Mainwood  is someone who uses the IWB most creatively and so it is no wonder that our conversations were a stimulation for me to change my own practices. Our reflections and communication took place without audio or video recording; therefore, what follows is an account of David’s personal and professional  experience of using IWBs in classrooms.

For those who are not familiar with David Mainwood‘s work, the following sites will definitely give you a better understanding of David’s expertise:

The Lecturer’s EFL SMARTBlog 

EFL SMARTBlog on FaceBook


EFL Interactive Games and Quizzes for IWBs

IELTS Writing Task 1 Practice 

IELTS Writing Task 2 Practice 

Reading News for IELTS 

Horizonte Electrico 

How relevant are IWBs in your classroom practices?


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