Atoms of the Mind

Lies 1: There is only the present and nothing to remember.
Lies 2: Time is a straight line.
Lies 3: The difference between the past and the future is that one has happened while the other has not.
Lies 4: We can only be in one place at a time.
Lies 5: Any proposition that contains the word “finite” (the world, the universe, experience, ourseleves…)
Lies 6: Reality as something which can be agreed upon.
Lies 7: Reality as truth. (p. 83)

Sexing the Cherry, J.Winterson

There are boundaries to go beyond, desires to explore. There are atoms of light, atoms of time, stories and universes at my fingertips. There is human mind and human experience. There is the visible and the imaginative. Both possess me in equal measures, just as I possess them and caress them in my mind. Rational, mythological, abstract and concrete, visions of  past, present realism  and future intermingle. Time is never a straight line.

Mariusz M.Les , PhD., is from Poland and works at the University of Bialystok, Poland.

Born in 1974,  Mariusz is an educator and researcher since 1998, at the  Institute of Polish Philology, where is he an  assistant manager since 2008. He has been a jury member for the Jerzy Zulawski Award for Best Polish Fantastic Novel  and is the author of two books:

Stanisław Lem wobec utopii” [Stanislaw Lem and Utopia], 1998;

Fantastyka socjologiczna. Poetyka i myślenie utopijne” [Polish social science fiction. Poetics and utopian thinking], 2008.

Mariusz’s main site is and his main interests are  in digital humanities, poetics of science fiction and theory of utopia.

Mariusz also maintains an edublog:;

Polish language blogs: &

Join us here as we talk about how science fiction has evolved from the “oh gosh” to an inventive fiction as well as Mariusz’s views on  contemporary research and where technology is taking us today.

In the words of Muriel Rukeyser, “the universe is made of stories, not of atoms”.


2 comments on “Atoms of the Mind

  1. David says:

    Ah yes! Looking forward to this!!!

    Here’s a quote from the doctor


  2. Hi David,

    Love the wibbly wobbly explanation! Just made my day! 🙂

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