Living on the edge

I look outwards and the edge beckons me. The edge seduces me. To places of no return.

Glancing over ridges I hesitate, I stumble and rise again. But time waits for no one – or so they say. I look forward and the edge awaits me. That moment of faith when I must leap forward, outwards into the  edge, faithless. Eyes wide open; with the edge blinding me. Binding me to futures where there are no maps, no certainties.

My next guest has lived on the edge and knows it well. My next guest leaps with eyes wide open, embracing the sharp,  jagged edge and with her energy, spreading change in all directions. Her knowledge and understanding softens edges for others too to take that leap forward into change. Change is not a threat for her. Change is a way of life. Each day is a breathe of change on the edge.

Ann Foreman is a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, social app developer and Information Communication and Technology Coordinator based at the British Council centre, Bilbao, Spain. The issues that fire her most are finding the best ways of using new technology in education and coming to terms with the changing the needs and aspirations of learners in today’s digital world.

She belongs to the British Council’s Global English team, which gives her the opportunity to investigate the role of social media in language teaching and to make regular contributions to its Teaching English Facebook page and to #TeachingEnglish Twitter. She has developed 2 social media apps: one for teachers, What kind of Teacher are you? and one for learners, Pic-your-wits

Join me here as Ann discusses how teacher initiatives turn into student initiatives,  her thoughts of social media in the world of education and more.


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