Eastern Promise

East, West, North, South. Where does one begin the journey?

Foreign lights beckon me, spices delight me. Rapid rivers entice me, sandy beaches with lazy coconut trees will always seduce me. So where does one begin?

More significantly, how does one make sense of all the directions, all the journeys, all the fading maps and postcards?

Maps. My body is a map of lands I love –  fields I have cycled in,  jungles I have crawled through, rivers I have drafted on, mountains I have looked down from.

The travel is easy. The lights are bright.  Recapturing the journey is more complex. Maps and destinies entwine, fiction blends with memory.

And so I stop and review a map. Just a random map of destiny. What is this thing, this map of destiny? A direction. A desire. Destiny is a mirage one impulsively runs towards, skipping, sliding, gliding.

Destiny awaits, whether one wishes it or not, regardless if prepared or with another preferred destination.  

Come. Come sit by me.

Let us sit by the water for the day is still young. Let us sit and through the weaving of our words, re-shape our destinies, hoping that glimmers of sense shine through all we have been through. Through the maps, the torn postcards, the lost stamps.

What changes does destiny bring us? What voices do the young now have? What will their destinies be?

My next guest is a young teacher from Canada who now lives in Korea.

Matthew Michael is an EFL teacher in Seoul, South Korea. He is currently working towards his Master of Education in Leading and Managing Educational Organisations.  Matt has been teaching for 9 years. He taught in Japan 4 years and has been teaching in Korea for the past 5 years.

He and his wife hope to continue in the field of EFL, but are still trying to determine what role they will play in their future goals.

Home is now Korea. As a Canadian-born professional, this transition has been challenging. Deciding to live permanently in another culture is a life-altering experience and requires particular coping skills that a visitor or expat may not require.

Matt enjoys gaming and curates a successful site on Scoop.it, Everything Gaming. He also loves travelling and watching sports.


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