Mist of Times

Mist wraps me. Mist unravels me.

I breathe warm air into cupped palms, rub a cold tipped nose. I don’t belong here.

Mist clings to  me; the soft wet earth creeps into the pores of my skin, dragging me back in time.

Time. Yes, there was time before. Time to sit, to laugh, to watch young ones play. Time for tea and time for words, for hugs, for touch. There was.

Time, rites of passage, rites of change. Where have they gone? What has the mist unravelled now?

Look. There. The tree we used to play in has decayed. The tree has turned into an antique. An aging, desolate, abandoned tree trunk, useless with its years.

Or has it?

In our frantic need of ever faster novelties, of more eye-filling wonders and immediate technical delights, aging and history melt into the mist of forgetfulness. Youth, in all its brash and immediacy, demanding constant attention, take over.

Look at the tree. Its trunk is aged, its scars of life and living visible to all.

Look closer and you will see that the tree breathes life. Life of past and present.

My next guest is a father of four,  a thinker making sense of changes in the past. My next guest looks beyond the mist, beyond the comfort of green, soft,  rolling fields of green, questioning the why and how of pillars and buildings of the past.

My next guest is Dean Talboys. Dean  joined the  Civil Service as Executive Officer (ADP) on leaving school and has worked in IT ever since (31 years). Dean now now specializes in 3-Dimensional web applications

 In 2009 , Dean  completed his first printed work, The Stonehenge Observatory (http://www.stonehengeobservatory.com),  and in 2010 published online work about the design if the chambers and interconnecting tunnels in the Great Pyramid at Giza suggesting they were part of a machine used to harness tidal power (http://www.gizawavemachine.com).

What powers lie wrapped in the mists of time? What secrets of change will Dean reveal?


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