R is for Russell


Thank you Russell for your time and contribution!


For those who are interested in hearing more of what Russell Stannard has to share, please refer to:

Web 2.0 Tools that Make a Difference – IATEFL/British Council, Harrogate 2010

Interview with Russell Stannard – IATEFL/British Council, Harrogate 2010

Russell Stannard – Home page



4 comments on “R is for Russell

  1. Enjoyed the exchange here. Thanks to you both !

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thank you taking time to visit!

  3. Kola Olagboyega says:

    This was a very exciting interview. It was educational and interesting. I will definitely recommend the blog and this interview to my colleagues. Thank you, Cristina.

  4. Hi Kola,

    Thank you for your time and feedback; all thanks go to Russell, interviewees and readers who are sharing their thoughts on different aspects of change. I hope you continue to find participants interesting and that you too may be collaborating soon!

    Thank you again for your time and comments!

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