Light and Lightness

There is lightness in light.  Clarity, hope, life all come shimmering and shining through lightness.
There is change in light. And with change, an unbearable lightness of being challenged, perhaps forsaken and left behind.
My next guest leaves no one behind. His energy, passion, and enthusiasm shines through everything he does, bringing light and lightness in professional development for educators all around the world.  He is well known for his articles in leading publications, for his books, teaching training videos as well as public speaking.
There is light in empowering others with knowledge and the lightness of making learning simple, fun and practical. My next guest is not only a part of our educational process of change, but an instigator who understands the meaning and need to change. With his understanding and experience of learning, he transmits lightness of knowledge and immediate know-how to others.
Russell Stannard is a Principal Lecturer at Warwick University. He also runs one of the biggest and most successful training sites for  teachers in using technology. gets up to 30,000 teachers visiting the site each month.

In 2008 Russell won the prestigious “Outstanding Initiative in ICT” from the Times Higher. In 2009 Russell won the TEFLnet Website of the year and in 2010 his site was awarded the British Council award for “Innovation.” Russell also writes a regular column in the English Teaching Professional called “Webwatcher”

I shall be asking Russell his thoughts on whether there is a digital divide among educators today, how communities of practice may  best be nourished and other issues related to classroom practices and contemporary pedagogy.

Will there be lightness in this conversation?


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